1. Life is a preparation for death.  The more emotional balanced and positive you are in everyday life, the more peaceful your passing will tend to be.

2. If you change the way you live, you will likely change the way you die.

3. It’s never too early to begin…To really live. In other words, it’s never too early to prepare for your death.

4. If you do not have friends and loved ones, you will live a lonely life, and die a lonely death.   Friends and loved ones are like a garden.  In order for your relationships to blossom you need to cultivate and nurture those you care for, and those who care for you.  You need to appreciate the positive aspects of people, rather than criticizing people’s shortcomings.

5. Be thankful for what you DO have, rather than dwelling on what you do not.   The quality of your life depends on your ability to be thankful.  Make an effort to tell at least one person every day, how thankful you are to have them in your life.

6. Accept what IS taking place in your life and relationships, rather than complaining about what is not.

7. No matter what, do not play the “If only…” game.   One of the surest ways to depress yourself, is to sit around and say “My life could have been so much better, if only I had done ‘X’ or ‘Y'”.  Second guessing your life, will only lead to unhappiness.

8. Don’t let the mistakes you’ve made, define you life.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It is not the mistakes you’ve made that define who you are.  Rather, it’s the way you’ve reacted to the mistakes you’ve made, that define who you are.  You need to learn from your mistakes, rather than continue to relive them.

9. “Once a man, twice a boy.”   This is a common phrase used by those who care for the aged.  Not surprisingly, many more men than women get angry and frustrated when they lose their ability to think clearly and take care of themselves.  Old age often involves a return to childhood.  If you’re lucky enough to have someone provide care for you, rejoice in the care and ask for help, rather than getting angry, frustrated, or depressed, when you lose your way.  At some stage in your second childhood you might even need to wear diapers again.  Babies aren’t ashamed to wear diapers, and you shouldn’t be either!

10. Every day you are alive, is a miracle!  If you have not yet realized this, you are missing out on the joy and wonder of life Hold a baby in your arms, watch young children playing, look closely at a beautiful flower, help an older person across the street, smile at someone who serves you in a store or other location, and say “Thank you.” to them.