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Chief Instructor Kevin Blok Hanshi

Blok Hanshi began his martial arts training in 1967 and holds a 9th Dan (degree black belt) with the Martial Arts International Federation (M.A.I.F), an 8th Dan with the World Kobudo Federation (W.K.F.), and 8th Dan (degree black belt) in Yoshinkai Aikido (registered in Japan).  He was personally awarded the highest level teaching license direct from Yoshinkai Aikido founder Gozo Shioda.   As well, he holds ranks in Karate, Iaido, Judo and Kung Fu.  Blok Hanshi continues as Chief Instructor of the Chudokan dojo and Kaicho (chairman) of the Chudokai Aikido Federation International.  Blok Hanshi’s skill and experience is internationally recognized, teaching seminars throughout North America and Europe.  He served as chief defensive tactics instructor for the RCMP and the Canadian Police College in Ottawa (1993-2002).  He is recognized by the National Law Enforcement Training Center (USA) as a certified international instructor in a wide variety of defensive techniques and tactics. Blok Hanshi has authored a number of books and more than 25 videos on Aikido, weaponry, police/security control and defensive tactics. He stands as a expert witness in court on the use of force and control/defensive tactics in both Canada and the United States.  He was awarded the Canada 125 medal in 1992 by the Governor General of Canada in recognition of significant contribution to compatriots, community and Canada.  In 2016, Blok Hanshi was inducted into the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame.

  • 9th Dan (M.A.I.F.) and 8th Dan (W.K.F).
  • 8th Dan Yoshinkai Aikido and awarded 1st grade (highest level) teaching license direct from Yoshinkai Aikido founder Gozo Shioda.
  • Founder and Chief Instructor of the Chudokai Aikido Federation International.
  • 5th Dan Iai Tatedo Iaido.
  • 1st Dan Shito Ryu Karatedo.
  • Basic Instructor license in Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu (Hong Kong)
  • Awarded the title Shidoin (advanced instructor) and is a past member of the teaching committee of the Aikikai Aikido organization Aikido Association of America.


Office Manager Patricia Blok Shihan

Patricia Blok Shihan received her 6th degree black belt from Shioda Yasuhisa Soke (Honbu Dojo) in July 20th, 2010 and a 5th degree black belt from the World Kobudo Federation in November, 2002.  Patricia Blok Shihan (master instructor) began Aikido in 1981.  She graduated from 20-month instructor programs under both Takashi Kushida Sensei and Blok Hanshi and holds an international teaching license from Japan. Blok  Shihan teaches basic adult classes, youth and Little Samurai classes at the Chudokan.

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