Aikido Canada Offers a Variety of Programs for All Ages

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Aikido involves using your opponents energy against them. We utilize this through throws, pins, and takedowns.

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Iaido classes (the art of smooth sword drawing and cutting) and Aikibuki (aikido weapons systems) are available.

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Youth Programs

Martial arts for kids between the ages of 4 to 14. We empower children with anti-bullying and confidence.

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Yoga uses specific physical postures, breath control and simple meditation to bring balance, strength, and tranquility to practitioners.

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Advanced Classes

Private classes, Kenshu, Advanced Philosophy Training, Online Courses, Security Guard and Police Training.

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Aikido Newsletter

Aikido: The Way of Harmony

Most martial arts reward students who are strong, fierce, and competitive. Aikido focuses on achieving a peaceful resolution through movement and not desiring to hurt another human being. In Aikido, the greatest opponent you will ever face is yourself.

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