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Asking Your Help

Support the Chudokan Dojo during COVID-19. Donate online through Paypal.

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Aikido Canada Offers a Variety of Programs for All Ages

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Aikido involves using your opponents energy against them. We utilize this through throws, pins, and takedowns.

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Iaido classes (the art of smooth sword drawing and cutting) and Aikibuki (aikido weapons systems) are available.

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Youth Programs

Martial arts for kids between the ages of 4 to 14. We empower children with anti-bullying and confidence.

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Yoga uses specific physical postures, breath control and meditation to bring balance and tranquility to practitioners.

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kenshu advanced martial arts windsor ontario

Advanced Classes

Private classes, Kenshu, Advanced Philosophy Training, Online Courses, Security Guard and Police Training.

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Yoshinkan Aikido

Aikido: The Way of Harmony

Most martial arts reward students who are strong, fierce, and competitive. Aikido focuses on achieving a peaceful resolution through movement and not desiring to hurt another human being. In Aikido, the greatest opponent you will ever face is yourself.

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Taking Action to Create a New Normal

Many experts in the field of psychology have been correlating the pandemic experience to a grieving process.  Many of us understand how feelings of grief or sadness can often surprise…

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Being the Change

So much change is happening. People often ask nowadays, what can they do to stay safe, sane and happy. Some very valuable approaches to this include learning, listening and…

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Being A Leader

The pandemic has certainly changed our world substantially. These changes are continuing and evolving and likely to affect us permanently.

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Keeping Positive in Difficult Times

     While the headlines these days are full of tough news, the frontlines of humanity contain stories of hope, support, care, and concern. It seems there is more…

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Thinking of You

I hope you are all healthy and happy during these difficult times. The past few months have given rise to great uncertainty.

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Aikido Canada – Bottle Drive

Are those beer/liquor cans/bottles taking up space? Do you just want them gone? Would you like to support a great cause? Chudokan Dojo/Aikido Canada would love to help you!…

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