Aikido Programs

Gain confidence, get into shape, and learn practical self defense

Many people ask “what is Aikido?”  To put it simply, Aikido is invigorating, rewarding, and the best way to find a peaceful resolution to any form of conflict. Our art uses smooth, graceful movements that can be learned by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

There is no competition in Aikido – only the constant challenge of becoming greater than you were yesterday.



Aikido is not about winners or losers. It focuses on developing the individual into a more confident and successful person.

Through discipline, wisdom, and rigorous training, the Aikidoka (student of Aikido) learns how to use martial arts to overcome any conflict they face in life.


Aikido works with the individual at their own level of progress, but also offers challenging exercises to get them into great shape.

Through a series of stretches and physical exercises, all Aikidoka leave class in better cardiovascular shape than when they came in.


The techniques taught in Aikido are derived principally from the samurai fighting art of Aikijutsu. This mainly involved using the momentum of your assailant against them, and subduing them through joint locks, pins, and throws.

Aikido techniques are a manditory part of training for the Tokyo Riot Police, and have been taught to various police and security organizations by our Chief Instructor.

These techniques are taught in a controlled environment by certified Aikido instructors.

Adult Aikido


Get the confidence and drive to conquer life through Adult Aikido. Students will learn how to control their emotions and respond to conflict in a reasonable manner. Our certified Aikido instructors will challenge you to always put your best effort forward. You’ll also learn how to defend yourself again real-life attacks and not be afraid.


  • Physical and mental conditioning
  • Day and evening classes
  • Learn effective self-defense techniques
  • Learn harmony and self-peace through confidence


  • One month introductory special
  • Monthly, six month and yearly payment plans
  • Belt programs
  • Private classes

Youth  Aikido


Kids learn how to control themselves and deal with bullies the right way in Youth Aikido. We help our youth students gain confidence and discipline through practicing basic Aikido principals. Our instructors hold youth accountable for their actions and help them learn anti-bullying strategies that lead to a peaceful resolution. All this leads to better focus at home and in school, self-esteem to overcome obstacles, and learning how to behave properly.


  • Physical fitness
  • Learn to work with partners
  • Learn self-confidence and self-control
  • Learn the basics of self-defense


  • One month introductory special
  • Monthly, six month and yearly payment plans
  • Belt programs
  • Gov’t financial assistance plans available