Increase balance, strength and tranquility through the holistic practices of yoga.

There are many different styles of yoga, spanning over several historical decades and originating in a variety of cultural and spiritual backgrounds.  While some styles of yoga use a specific series of postures and others flow through movements at varying levels of physical speed and agility, all styles of yoga share the common objective of attaining inner peace or equanimity so as to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Working with the key principles of breath control, simple meditation and the integration of classical yoga postures, our yoga classes encourage proper alignment of the body in order to increase balance, strength, stability and peace of mind.



Working with principles of proper and safe alignment, the yoga classes taught at Aikido Canada aim to improve overall strength and stability.

The yoga practice integrates isometric exercises and body weight conditioning, proven to increase stamina as well as upper body, lower body and core strength.

Postures are intelligently linked together to allow practitioners to safely explore their own physical strength, while gently encouraging new limits. Practitioners will quickly discover the principles of proper posture through functional movements designed to optimize movement both on and off the mat.



Throughout a yoga class, practitioners work on more than just their physical bodies. Each class invites a deeper exploration of the practitioner’s thoughts and their relationship to those thoughts.

By focusing on the breath and as well as the sensations in the body, we begin to develop the skills necessarily in balancing the physical body as well as our emotions and inner dialogue.

Balance is achieved as practitioners learn to focus their breath, attune to their bodies, and still their minds. The end result is improved balance in postures on the mat as well as in the practitioner’s mind-body connection off the mat.


Peace of Mind

The combination of strengthening poses and stretches poses, explored in each of our yoga classes, directly impacts the nervous system. The key objective of all styles of yoga is to create equanimity, in which individuals obtain mental and emotional stability, regardless of the up’s and down’s of everyday life.

Through the integration of classical yogic breathing practices and mindful movement, our yoga classes invite practitioners into a place of deeper relaxation.

Practical strategies and meditation techniques are explored each time we meet, encouraging practitioners to adopt these strategies in their everyday lives. By creating a safe space for personal reflection, we help individuals navigate and diminish stress, anxiety and emotional instability.


Rejuvenate your body

Inspired by the Jivamukti yoga tradition, this class offers a flowing sequence of yoga postures partnered with Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness, meditation, hands-on adjustment and relaxation.  This class includes standing and seated postures as well as safe inversions and suggested challenges for more experienced students.


Bill Taylor’s Bio

Bill is a graduate of the Blossoming Lotus 200-hour yoga teacher training program and has been practicing yoga for 5 years.  Bill was also awarded his Nidan in Aikido while training at Aikido Canada.  He is passionate about sharing his practice with others.


Class Schedule and Descriptions


Wednesday 6:30pm – 7:30pm: All Levels Yoga Flow

Join Bill Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

This class is accessible to everyone!  Beginners will explore gentle modifications of the most popular yoga postures, supported by hands-on adjustments while more advanced students may explore more complex variations.