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Chudokan Dojo now operating at full capacity. Come in and see what is new.

Aikido Canada Offers a Variety of Programs for All Ages

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Aikido involves using your opponents energy against them. We utilize this through throws, pins, and takedowns.

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Iaido classes (the art of smooth sword drawing and cutting) and Aikibuki (aikido weapons systems) are available.

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Youth Programs

Martial arts for kids between the ages of 4 to 14. We empower children with anti-bullying and confidence.

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Yoga uses specific physical postures, breath control and meditation to bring balance and tranquility to practitioners.

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Advanced Classes

Private classes, Kenshu, Advanced Philosophy Training, Online Courses, Security Guard and Police Training.

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Yoshinkan Aikido

Aikido: The Way of Harmony

Most martial arts reward students who are strong, fierce, and competitive. Aikido focuses on achieving a peaceful resolution through movement and not desiring to hurt another human being. In Aikido, the greatest opponent you will ever face is yourself.

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The ParticipACTION Community Challenge 2023

We are happy to announce that our organization will be taking part in the ParticipACTION Community Challenge 2023. During the month of June 2023, all members are encouraged to…

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Aikido Classes on Wednesdays

Aikido classes are available on Wednesday afternoons. Classes will be lead by Sensei Annette Dufresne, PhD. Class time is 1:00 – 2:30pm. This class is free for individuals dealing…

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January 2022 – Chudokan Reopens

UPDATE: January 22, 2022 Based on statements from the Ontario provincial government, with the lifting of selected restrictions sufficient to allow gyms and sport facilities to re-open to 50%…

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Chudokan Dojo Reopening

UPDATE (OCTOBER 2021): The Chudokan Dojo will be reopening for Aikido classes starting Tuesday, October 05. Classes for youth, adult and little samurai will be available at our usual…

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Will it ever end?

When will we finally be able to get past the pandemic? That is a very common question nowadays. It seems like it will never end. The news cycles are…

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