UPDATE: January 22, 2022

Based on statements from the Ontario provincial government, with the lifting of selected restrictions sufficient to allow gyms and sport facilities to re-open to 50% of maximum capacity, the dojo will re-open on Monday, January 31st for all regular classes.

Entry requirements for the dojo will remain in effect with all members requiring full vaccination, mask use and sign-in requirements that were in use prior to the O-soji closure and subsequent government shut-down.

Spread the work and we look forward to seeing you all there.


Hello all…

Due to provincial guidelines posted today to limit Covid spread, the dojo will NOT be re-opening today and will remain closed until provincial guidelines are amended to permit re-opening safely for gyms and indoor training facilities.

Specific details on the nature of the guidelines restrictions and the various types of organizations impacted can be found in the link provided.

Based on the timelines provided the province is likely to provide a new review report near the end of January so we will see how that works out and whether re-opening at that time will be happening.

In the meantime folks, please be mindful of your situation. Get your vaccinations if you can, be sure to watch your distancing and have your masks ready.

I am sure this is not what people would have wanted to see for the New Year (it’s not what I would have hoped for), but it is not the end…it is an evolution, and like in class, we will roll with it, we will stand up, and we’ll head back over and start again…just like we always do.

Keep in touch with your friends and classmates, be mindful of your own mental health needs and know this will end, and we’ll be there when it does.