The following is a excerpt from the Chudokai Express, Volume 19, Issue 4 (August – September 2012).

Ask Sensei

How many grips are there for Shite when applying Hijishime (elbow lock) Techniques?

How do we know which one to use?

There are three basic forms of grip application for Hijishime #1 & #2 (elbow lock). For striking attacks (ex: front and side strike), the finish has Shite’s arms crossed at the chest with one hand holding Uke’s wrist from under at the center of Shite’s chest and the other hand holding Shite’s own dogi at the shoulder.

The second version is for grabbing and punching techniques. Shite holds Uke’s wrist as above but with the other hand is holding the back of Uke’s hand also. The third and final form is normally only for Katate Aya Gyakute Mochi techniques (cross wrist reverse grasp). With these forms, Uke can continue to hold Shite’s wrist throughout the whole form, so Shite must slightly modify the elbow lock application. Shite holds Uke’s wrist from under with the near arm (as in the two other forms) but Shite’s other hand can still be held by Uke, so Shite grabs Uke’s wrist down from the top (Shite and Uke each hold the other’s wrist). Then Shite lifts his grabbed arm up so that it is parallel to the arm of Uke upon which the elbow lock is applied. This way, Shite keeps good control of Uke’s arm and does not have to escape from Uke’s initial grip.

Of course, these forms described are for basic techniques. Advanced techniques can use a combination or alteration of these forms, or others, to achieve control and flow with Uke’s energy.